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Welcome to Shine at Business!

Celebrating 25 years of supporting small business! 


Dianna Jacobsen helps people to SHINE in their business and personal lives.


Dianna is a specialist business development and financial strategist, combining a background in accountancy, financial planning, business strategic planning and personal empowerment coaching. Her clients range across all industries, shapes and sizes, and their most common challenges include shortfalls in turnover, time, team! Dianna brings together actionable, realistic strategies to overcome their barriers and guide them to new levels of success.


Dianna is a proactive and innovative business professional, focused on creating long lasting relationships with her clients. She recognises the need to deliver personal, timely, quality advice to her clients and provide cost effective strategies and solutions.






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End of Finacial Year - Help is here!

Shine at Business June 2016


Are you going through a divorce or separation?


I have just teamed up with Mimi Fong and Christopher Whitelaw, experts

in the field of family law disputes, to bring you a FREE E-BOOK


Managing Family Law Disputes – Three Unique Perspectives – How To


Achieve Early Cost-Effective Resolution, Avoid Bitter Litigation and Preserve


Your Wealth and Wellbeing.


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Special Offer

Hello Everyone 

Here is a great offer from my friend Chris Whitelaw of

Commercial Disputes Management Centre, Sydney.



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It just cannot be over emphasised how important this audit

can be to a business. 


As the voucher states - the biggest threat is always what

you don’t yet know.


The audit replaces ignorance with awareness, and then the owner can get clear vision and take appropriate actions.



Yours sincerely,

Chris Whitelaw

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