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Dianna is a holistic business consultant and lifestyle planner. Her skills include accountancy, financial planning and personal empowerment coach. She specialises in business development, personal life-planning, farm succession planning, women’s mastermind group facilitation and workshop presentations.

Dianna Jacobsen comes from a background of wheat/sheep farming in the southern Riverina and now lives with her husband and two sons on their cattle property in beautiful North-East Victoria.

After finishing school, she commenced accounting in 1989 and later became a partner in a small public accounting practice. In 2005, concerned about the overwhelming compliance deadlines and demands that constantly challenged small business owners, Dianna left mainstream tax and accounting. She created Shine at Business to meet the growing, unmet need for pro-active, holistic business advice and strategic planning.

Dianna works with individuals, families, and businesses, in all aspects of lifestyle planning. This includes:

  • business development,
  • financial planning,
  • accounting and taxation,
  • administration,
  • compliance, time management,
  • life balance,
  • goal setting,
  • personal empowerment,
  • business dissolution.

She offers a personalised, customised approach to each situation, working in conjunction with other business advisers to develop a streamlined, integrated, and workable strategy.

SHINE at Business

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.  


Our Vision

To consistently provide high-quality Business Strategic Planning to a strong target of pro-active clients, returning balance to their lives and providing them with time and financial freedom to reach their goals. We create lives of freedom and success!


Our Philosophy

  • To provide professional and result-oriented business coaching, providing noticeable results to our clients immediately;
  • To be a pro-active and innovative business adviser focused on creating long-lasting relationships with clients;
  • To offer our extensive experience in a broad range of business services;
  • To quickly increase cash flow, time and ease for our clients;
  • To be active in understanding each client's individual needs and provide advice that is both technically sound and success-driven to achieve those specific goals;
  • We understand that contemporary businesses need an ongoing business mentor in order to succeed in this economic climate;
  • We guarantee our clients the highest level of confidentiality and integrity in relation to their financial, business and personal affairs;
  • With the laws around tax and finance constantly changing, we continually undertake extensive professional development to keep our skills at the forefront of current standards;
  • To at all times provide friendly, courteous and personal service with enthusiasm.


Our Values


    1. Integrity

      I value the quality of integrity as being honest and having strong moral principals. I commit to holding myself to a high standard of integrity in all aspects of my life. My team and my clients should also always act with, and expect, the utmost integrity.

    2. Knowledge

      I value ongoing learning, and passing on knowledge to my clients, and sharing with them ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business. I value empowering them to gain results and find freedom in their lives.

    3. Health

      I value my health, and the health of my team, my clients, and my family. The balance of good health should include physical, mental and emotional well-being, and an impactful aspect of this is financial wellness and stability.

    4. Family

      I value family and cherish the bonds of a family unit and personal relationships. I respect the need for freedom and balance between work and personal life. I understand the importance of compassion and a sense of fun and zest for life, personally and professionally.

    5. Trust

      I trust my clients to give me the right information and to value my recommendations and take responsibility for their part in fulfilling the actions. I trust they will pay me for my expertise and care. I trust my colleagues and team members to always do the right thing.