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Dianna is a holistic business consultant and lifestyle planner. Her skills include accountancy, financial planning and personal empowerment coach. She specialises in business development, personal life-planning, farm succession planning, women’s mastermind group facilitation and workshop presentations.

Financial Planning.

Authorised Rep. 336407 of Climb Wealth  Pty Ltd AFSL 409424

Financial planning is not just for ‘the wealthy’! How do you think they became ‘wealthy’?

Nor is it just for those looking to retire soon.

By seeking advice, and taking small steps, year upon year, to reduce debts, increase assets, protect their assets, plan for the future, and make informed decisions, you too can work towards greater financial security.

Start today in managing your Superannuation and personal Insurances optimally for your family’s needs.

No matter what your age or stage in life, Financial Planning is relevant to YOU, so arrange a no-obligation consultation with me to discover how to set your ideal path for a financially secure future.



Do you have your legal documents, such as contracts and Wills and Powers of Attorney in place and up to date?

Please contact me to discuss this.