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Dianna is a holistic business consultant and lifestyle planner. Her skills include accountancy, financial planning and personal empowerment coach. She specialises in business development, personal life-planning, farm succession planning, women’s mastermind group facilitation and workshop presentations.

Here are are some of my most recent articles

I hope you find my tips useful!

8 ways to become unstoppable in business and life

Do you want to be unstoppable? DIANNA JACOBSEN shares success
strategies used by unstoppable entrepreneurs.

Support your business with a FINANCIAL MINDSET

DIANNA JACOBSEN maps out 10 financial mindset steps to get every new business owners on track.

Uncover, unlock and unleash THE WEALTHY YOU

DIANNA JACOBSEN combines her background in money and mindset to share the secret of why some
people enjoy being ‘wealthy’ and others don’t. Choose to be one of the wealthy!

Business is a team sport

DIANNA JACOBSEN looks at why far too many business owners feel excessively stressed and inadequate when it all can be fixed by them surrounding themselves with the right team.

Family Business

DIANNA JACOBSEN talks about the challenges experienced when "family" and "business collide. 

The Sixth Secret to Success and Inner Peace: You Can?t Solve a Problem with the Same Mind that Created it! (from the work of Wayne Dyer)

Which aspects of your life are not showing the results that you were hoping for by now?

Dr Wayne Dyer's 5th Secret to Success and Inner Peace: Give Up Your Personal History

Who are you? No, not your story, but who you truly are, inside…… All too often we identify ourselves with our past misfortunes.

 The 4th Secret To Success & Inner Peace: Embrace Silence

Our world is busy and demanding, and our minds are constantly cluttered, overwhelmed and overloaded. 

You Can't Give Away What You Don't Have!

If you find the little voice in your head is giving you an answer that is not as appealing as you’d wish, don’t lose heart

Plan Ahead  Bring Purpose and Direction To 2016

Another new year! Another new beginning!

10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace

A tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer


WEALTHY WOMAN COLOURING BOOK: I am excited to announce the completion of this project, which I'm thrilled to be a part of, in conjunction with 3 other dynamic women! This book combines beautiful drawings for you to colour , plus a journey for you to follow, to Unlock and Unleash the Wealthy Woman within! Call me to order your copy today!

Books I've been published in:

Motivational Speakers Australia: The Indispensable Guide to Australia's Business and Motivational Speakers

It is available in paperback and Kindle. Click on the book below for more information and to purchase this book.

Every Entrepreneur’s Guide: Running Your Own Business 

Retirement Made Easy – Carole Nap & others

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Shine At Business: Foreward by Loral Langemeier

Managing Law and Family Disputes