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Shine At Business

We help clients to SHINE by integrating the accounting, planning and holistic management aspects of running a business.

Over 30 years of supporting small businesses!  

Is your business thriving?

Have you created the lifestyle you desire?  

What’s getting in the way of your progress?

There’s a lot of conversation around the financial aspects of running a business, which focuses purely on the bottom line. Financial success is often linked with “working hard” and “putting in the hours”. Does this mean financial progress only comes at the cost of your lifestyle?



Dianna Jacobsen became concerned that business owners had lost sight of what they wanted to create when they first set out in business – a sense of wealth and abundance.

Dianna created Shine at Business to help people SHINE in their business AND personal lives. She is a specialist business development and financial strategist, who combines a background in accountancy, financial planning, business strategic planning, and personal empowerment coaching. Her simple, effective strategies help people to attract abundance in all areas of their life.

Dianna brings together actionable, realistic strategies to overcome your barriers to true wealth and guides you to new levels of success.

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Dianna Jacobbsen

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Dianna is a proactive and innovative business professional, focused on creating long-lasting relationships with her clients. She recognises the need to deliver personal, timely, quality advice to her clients and provide cost-effective strategies and solutions.

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