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Dianna is a holistic business consultant and lifestyle planner. Her skills include accountancy, financial planning and personal empowerment coach. She specialises in business development, personal life-planning, farm succession planning, women’s mastermind group facilitation and workshop presentations.

Simple, effective strategies, customised for you, to quickly see results.

  • Overcome the “struggle & juggle” existence;
  • Create a life of choices, giving you the freedom and success you desire;
  • Feel empowered, physically, emotionally and financially;
  • Get back in control of your life with sustainable work-life balance strategies;
  • Reclaim your enjoyment of life and being a business owner;
  • Build your business successfully;
  • Enjoy positive relationships with staff and family members;
  • Feel certain about your direction and the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Small business owners often find themselves stuck.

Are you unable to move beyond a certain level of growth? Are you having trouble with cashflow, marketing, staff or other aspects of your business?

We work with your business in a one-on-one coaching capacity to develop and implement strategies to take you to the next level and alleviate any barriers you may be experiencing.

You will see results from day one and feel the relief of knowing there is someone who can show you how to solve your problems!